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     Welcome to the stables. I say stables because barns usually have lots of stalls. Each of my stalls have a different interest in it. I have many interests: model horses, cats, the SCA, needlework, real horses, science fiction(the writings and artwork) fantasy, action computer games just to name a few.
     I'm going to divide my home page into sections. If you are into model horses, check out my club. The MFBA is for foals. On the SCA page you'll find an article on "Tapestry" and one I'm working on about the "Great Horse". I'm still working on the Needlework page and the Misc. page, but check them anyway, they both have interesting gifs.

Some poems I wrote:

When man first ventured into outer space
He wanted to fulfill his dreams.
And now the step has been taken,
It may not be all it seems.

The only place we've trod upon
Has been empty and alone.
But what of other worlds?
They could be someone's home.

When we visit those far off worlds
Will we extend friendship's hand
Or will we reap death and destruction
And destroy all these strange lands.


Have you ever looked up at the sky
When it's dark and stars are shinning.
And wondered what the worlds are like,
Up there in Heaven's lining.

These worlds are so strange,
And interesting to see.
But for me to get there
It will never be

I have a great imagination
So I let it explore.
The places that I can't go,
But still cannot ignore.

I hope you find something that will be of interest. Feel free to comment on anything I have written and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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