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     These are a few of my favorite models: the mahogany bay Proud Arabian Stallion, Four Winds Frost, was one of the first horse I ever owned. I've always love this particular model, even if you can't do much with it, beause of the head position and that big jaw. Then I was able to buy this beautiful walking chestnut arab, Count Impressive Magic. He's made from the PAS model, but the artist did a lot of work on the head and body. They both have shown very well in live and photo.

The pictures below are of a real horse named Storm Cloud Speck Taza, he was a registered Apaloosa stallion. Sadly he passed away a few years ago, but he will live on in the two models I had made of him. I have never met a nicer stallion, I use to ride him bareback with just a bosel and never had any troubles.

   The models were made by two different artist and I think of them as the young Taza and the older Taza. He had a very distintive blanket when he was a young horse, but as he aged, he roaned out alot. The models tell the story. Hope you've enjoyed some of my photos. I'll be adding to them a little later.

  I have added my club to this page, so check out the MFBA(Model Foal Breeds Ass). This is a club where babies show against babies. I hope to have lots of new stuff soon.

if you have any questions. I would be glad to hear from you.

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